In ministry you need an aggressive mindset. Hear me clearly when I say you need an aggressive mindset, not aggressive behavior. As a warrior for Christ we are all members of Christs army and no army goes forward with a retreating mindset. An aggressive mindset stays focused on the needs of hearts. It steps outside its comfort zone and stays strong in Christ. It endures hardships and is not occupied with what others think about them. Aggressive mindsets stay focused and rejoice in the struggle. They remain bold and accept His power and express it through love. They remain calm and self-controlled. They remain focused on Christ and make every single day about Him.

Every day is a Jesus day!!

Yes. Every day is a Jesus day for those with a mindset that aggressively loves and aggressively seeks to serve others in the name of Jesus. On most days, I find that I have this aggressive mindset. I love hard. I love deeply. I love without limits. I love without expectation. I put Jesus first and do everything within my power to ask myself what Jesus would want me to do in any given situation, but, there are some days that I fail…..miserably.

Aggressive mindsets do not worry themselves about worldly acceptance. This is the one area where I find a retreating mindset in my spirit. I sometimes take rejection personally and over the past 24 hours I have retreated just as I had made great strides in forward movement in my ministry.

Rejection is like an arrow that penetrates my armor and induces a retreat mindset that I struggle to overcome. It has been this way from childhood. I grew up a codependent and continued as such well into adulthood. If I am honest, I still struggle with it but Jesus is the overcomer that strengthened this area in me over the years. The devil knows it is my weak spot. It is where I am most tempted and most tortured. It is also where I have most been healed and strengthened.

Yesterday, in a moment of strength after spending several days in prayer and knowing, and I mean really knowing, that I had come to a place God would use for His glory I humbled myself and made a social media post that I normally would not make. I asked for help. As I published the post I had a panic attack. I knew I was putting myself out there and I could be rejected. I did it anyway because I just knew it was the right thing to do. Rejection followed fairly quickly. As it happens often in social media, there were very few likes and shares and only 1 person felt called to help. Rejection at its finest. The oldest and deepest parts of me surfaced and instead of continuing on boldly in my decision, I retreated.

I retreated out of concern of what people thought of me. Do they think I am crazy? Are they making fun of me? Are they laughing? Do they think I am pitiful? Within 8 hours of posting I was in tears. I cried myself to sleep. I woke and retreated even deeper. I deleted the post. I closed the fundraiser. I cried some more and then, as He often does now, God lifted my tear stained face and asked me, “My sweet girl, where is your faith? Why are you not focused on me?” In that moment I realized I had made it all about me and it was time to reclaim my aggressive mindset. I overcame rejection and moved forward by accepting that God’s view of me is all that is important.

I didn’t repost the fundraiser because I realize I posted it in the first place because I thought God needed it out there to provide the building I need for my ministry. Oh me of little faith. God does not need me to perform miracles. What He wants is for me to remain aggressively focused on Him, trusting and knowing that what He has called me to do will come to fruition in His timing with His provision. He wants me to seize every opportunity to advance His cause and that means seeing the opportunity even in the midst of rejection.

Tonight I find myself energized with forward movement in my heart for a space that will cover first responders and veterans with love and healing. The building will come. Until then I will remain steadfast and aggressively focused on God’s word for this ministry. I will follow Ruth’s example and glean in the fields as I continue training. I will do what I can do and I will let God handle the details. I will let Him Provide. It will be more glorious that way because His abilities far outweighs mine!!!

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