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Perfection is A Lie

  Writing a memoir about the worst parts of your life is so difficult and yet so healing. Today I am editing the chapter on my hellacious relationship with food over the years. Some of this is so embarrassing. I cannot believe the lengths I went to just to “look perfect” and the irony of it all is that now, I am so far … Read More Perfection is A Lie


Basil, Lemon and Mint Infused Water

I love basil. The smell. The taste. The health benefits. What’s not to love?  I planted a new basil plant this year and it’s already growing so fast that I am now getting creative with what I will do with it and I thought it might go great in some infused water! I was right! This mixture of basil, lemon and sweet mint is … Read More Basil, Lemon and Mint Infused Water